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How Do I Hear My Intuition?

I had always known about “gut feelings.” I heard the saying “trust your gut” numerous times throughout my life, but I didn’t always know what that meant.

I am a FEELER; I feel things DEEPLY, but I was always told I was “too sensitive,” so I thought this was a weakness of mine. It wasn’t until I began my journey of self-exploration that I truly understood that many of the feelings I had over the years were the whispers of my soul—my intuition guiding me.

Looking back at the BIG decisions I made in my life:

  • Leaving school at 17 and going to work instead of university

  • Finding work in London

  • Moving to London

  • Traveling the world

  • Settling in Sydney, Australia, for 2 years instead of going back to England

  • Moving to Canada to be with my partner (now husband) who I had only spent 6 weeks with in person!

All of these choices were made because they just FELT right. I was always a worrier, overthinking decisions and things I said. I would ruminate on things for days or weeks, but these big choices were all made in a split second. There was never any doubt that they weren’t meant for me. Don’t get me wrong—there were still hard moments, but I never once wanted to change them.

I can look back now and know that these choices were made by listening to my intuition. Even now, creating Soul Food with Mel was because I listened to my intuition. Everything I offer now has been created from the whispers and nudges that I receive.

I always tried to control everything in my life. I believed that if I was in control, organized, and prepared for every outcome, everything would work out as I desired. Now I know differently.

The more I try to control, the more I am resisting, and the less I am trusting and surrendering to the Universe (God, Source, Higher Power, Spirit—whatever you choose to call it).

The more I try to control, the less I hear the whispers, the voice of my knowing. The more I try to control, the less I surrender to what is meant for me.

It’s not always in words. For me, most of the time it’s a FEELING. I will either feel something in my physical body, such as a gut feeling, a heavy head, or a lightness. Other times, it’s just a knowing. Sometimes, something will just pop into my head out of nowhere, like a spark.

However it shows up, just because it appears doesn’t mean it will lead to anything. It is up to me to listen to it, feel it, and take action on it. Often, we are so focused on what we believe the outcome “should” be or what our path “should” look like that we overlook many of these nudges/whispers.

We aren’t supposed to know what our lives will look like. There are so many doors waiting for us to open them, but if we don’t take the opportunities, they will always remain closed, and we will never know what could have been.

Does this mean we just let go of fear? Not necessarily.

When I was at the airport leaving England to travel the world for a year, was I scared? Hell yes!

When I was at the airport leaving Australia, which had become my home for 3 years, to move to Canada to be with a man I had only spent 6 weeks with in person, was I scared? Hell yes!

I have learned that fear doesn’t always mean “don’t do it.” It’s okay and normal to feel scared when trying something new or putting yourself out there. The important thing is to become quiet so you can hear or feel the nudges/whispers, connect to yourself, and know whether this is meant for you or not.

For me, whenever I need guidance I know I need to become quiet. This doesn’t mean I have to sit in meditation for an hour, it means that I need to go to the things that allow the outside noise to leave. These things for me are being in nature, yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling and pulling some cards but they may look very different for you. 

Your intuition is a powerful guide. Trusting it can lead to amazing opportunities and a life that feels true to who you are. So take a moment, find out where your quiet moments are, listen to your inner voice, and let it guide you to the life you’re meant to live.

Mel x 

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