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Are You Tired of Measuring Your Worth in Pounds and Inches?

In a society that places enormous value on appearance, it's easy to fall into the trap of measuring your worth in pounds and inches. 

Constantly striving to meet unrealistic beauty standards can be exhausting and damaging to your self-esteem. It's time to shift the focus from weight and measurements to the qualities that truly define your worth. 

The problem with measuring our worth in pounds and inches is that it sets unrealistic beauty standards. 

The media bombards us with images of "ideal" bodies, which are often photoshopped and completely unattainable. These standards create an unrealistic benchmark that most of us don’t stand a chance of meeting and this leads to us feeling frustrated, not good enough and a failure. 

It can also have a negative impact on your mental health because you are constantly worrying about your weight, your clothing size and body measurements. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression, it can also result in unhealthy behaviors such as restrictive dieting, over-exercising, and eating disorders.

When you tie your self-worth to your physical appearance, you overlook the many other qualities that make you valuable. Your worth becomes conditional, dependent on a number on the scale or the fit of your clothes.

Health is about how you FEEL, not how you look. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, focus on health, NOT weight. Focus on nourishing your body with food that makes you feel good, moving your body and getting enough rest. 

Recognize and celebrate your unique strengths, talents, and achievements. These qualities define who you are far more than your physical appearance. Make a list of your positive attributes and remind yourself of them regularly.

Remember that everyone has flaws and that perfection does not exist. Treat yourself with compassion, grace and understanding, exactly what you would offer a loved one. 

Avoid the people in your life that make negative comments about your appearance or encourage unhealthy behaviours. If this isn’t possible, set some boundaries and respond to their comments by saying something like this:

“I’d rather not talk about food and weight”

“I’m really trying to heal my body image and my relationship with food.

Could we talk about something else?”

“I find that I feel much better when I don’t restrict my eating.”

When you do catch yourself thinking negatively about your body, challenge those thoughts. Replace them with things like: I feel strong in my body; My body is deserving of love; I am more than my appearance.

Ladies, your worth is NOT measured in pounds and inches!

It’s time to reclaim your self-esteem and recognize the true value that lies within you. 

Focus on your health, celebrate your strengths, and practice self-compassion. Embrace body neutrality and engage in activities that bring you joy. By shifting your perspective and breaking free from the scale, you can live a more fulfilling and confident life. 

Remember, YOU are valuable exactly as YOU are, and no number can define your worth.

Mel x 

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