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Break Free From People Pleasing

A FREE Masterclass to help you reclaim your authentic self, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate unwavering self-worth.

with Mel Grime


Tuesday 10th September 2024

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What You Will Learn

Identify and Assess People-Pleasing Tendencies

You will learn how to identify & assess whether you have severe, moderate, or mild people-pleasing tendencies.

I will provide you with an effective strategy to overcome your main people-pleasing mindset, relieving unnecessary pressure from your shoulders.

Master Boundary Setting and Self-Care

You will understand how to say 'No,' set reasonable boundaries, and still remain polite while preserving your relationships. Additionally, you'll gain insights into mindset-shifting and prioritizing self-care without guilt.

Enhance Self-Worth and Empowerment

We will also explore a self-compassionate, proven-to-work method to reduce low self-worth. You'll learn to clarify your needs, identify the unique boundaries you need to set, and implement them in an empowering way that motivates you to pursue your goals and interests.


"When you say 'yes' to others, make sure you are not saying 'no' to yourself" - Paulo Coelho


This class is for you if....

  • You don't have a clear sense of your own identity, your goals and your own values

  • You feel like people take advantage of you

  • You take the blame even when it’s not your fault

  • You act in a passive-aggressive way because you are not comfortable voicing your unhappiness directly

  • You keep quiet and don’t speak up when someone mistreats you

  • You have trouble saying 'No' to other people even when you want to

  • You are frequently burnt out, resentful or angry


 Break Free From People Pleasing Masterclass

Tuesday 10th September
7:00pm EST
Cost: Free

Hi, I'm Mel

Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

For many years, I shape shifted, and lived behind a mask. I allowed the “should” and “supposed to” and comparisons dictate my life and I became totally disconnected from myself. 

I was a perfectionist, people pleaser and busy mum, I hid the imperfect side of my life. The burn out, the negative self talk, lack of self worth and love I had for myself, that is until I couldn’t hide anymore. 


In 2017 I began to have debilitating panic attacks and was diagnosed with depression, osteoarthritis and an autoimmune thyroid condition. I hadn’t been listening to my body so it literally forced me to stop. 


That was my wake up call, I knew I needed to take a serious look at my life and wellbeing and make some changes so I could live an authentic, full and happy life.


It became clear that I wasn’t supporting my body, mind or soul. I had everything that I ever wanted but I still felt empty and numb. I had forgotten who I was, what I enjoyed and what filled me up.


I began to practice yoga, meditation and intuitive eating. I put myself at the top of my list and started taking time for myself every day to discover what nourished my soul.  


I took a deep dive into my head and my heart and began to peel back the layers that had been dimming my light. I unpacked the limiting beliefs I had been telling myself for decades and started to get clear on what I wanted and needed.


I started to believe I am worthy, I am enough, to believe that I am wise and powerful.

I found my way back home to myself, my true authentic self and now it’s my passion to help you remember who you are and get connected back to that beautiful body, mind and soul of yours.

Mel x 

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